Our Vision

We believe in real food. Taste, savor, and appreciate authentic food. We want to spread the experience of great food, made with real ingredients, from the people that take pleasure in their craftsmanship to the consumer who is interested in the foods they eat.  With quality brands, solid business partners and epic artisan producers, we will bring this experience to our retailers and their customers. Artisan West has a vision where we all have the opportunity to eat well


  • to share our passion for artisan, local and specialty foods

  • to create a Canadian food presence within retailers across Canada

  • to fulfill opportunities within the specialty food category

  • ...food tastes better when its real

  • to assist retailer's in offering superior food options and programs

  • to develop synergistic relationship's throughout the food industry

  • to increase and sustain business for Canadian manufacturers and retailers

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well
— Virginia Woolf