Artisan West has a proven track record in sales, marketing and business development for manufacturers, importers and distributors. Managing sales (either direct or through distribution partners), key account meetings/presentations, listings, promotions, demonstrations, brand performance reviews, trade show participation and community events.

  • our extensive knowledge within the specialty category gives Artisan West an advantage over traditional product representation.


Whether selling direct to key retailers or reaching larger markets through our distribution partners, Artisan West will achieve desired results through the necessary channels.

  • As artisan products are hand crafted with care, the same attention must be given to how each product is brought to market.


Artisan West has established key category manager relationships and is committed to product presentations along with the execution of listing submissions.

  • Each product is unique as the retailers we present to. Our team has a full understanding of the specialty category and finding the right fit for every product we represent


Our team will work closely with our distribution partners, retail chains and independent retailers creating the right promotion for your product.

  • knowing where to place our efforts will assist in consistent and successful promotions


As the specialty category has a target market of consumers looking to be educated we feel strongly in favor of demonstrations to assist in creating consumer awareness.

  • Artisan West Marketing will create the awareness and traction desired through our demo program and brand ambassadors, establishing premium artisan brands in retail counters throughout Western Canada


Understanding our performance and traction in the marketplace is what drives our team. Our team is committed to brand reviews with our retailers, manufacturers and distribution partners.

  • having transparency with all our partners from the manufacturer to retailer will create synergy and drive success for the brands we represent


Working closely with our industry partners and communities, Artisan West is committed to brand representation in all areas that are most effective to the products we represent.

  • targeting the right market effectively will build brand awareness creating a natural demand for your product