Experts in the specialty food category; the Artisan West Team has extensive knowledge in merchandising, product assortment, category programs, planograms, local trends, demographics, product sourcing, education seminars and store support.

  • our team is available to assist your organization in growing business and increasing profitability


With years of experience within the retail specialty food category our team members are a resource for those retailers looking for assistance in effectively merchandising products to their fullest potential.

  • product placement throughout the specialty category is key for increasing incremental sales


Our knowledgeable team will create an assortment that fits each retailers current market and market potential. Understanding each retailers goals and focus will assist us in creating the right assortment for your business.

  • through collaboration Artisan West will facilitate sourcing the right offering for your consumer


With a full understanding of the specialty food category, Artisan West will create store specific programs tailored to the needs of each individual retailer, large or small. Our team will assist in development, implementation and execution.

  • with such a specialized target audience, creating programs will assist in category growth and customer loyalty


Located in Western Canada the Artisan West Team has been involved in the local food scene for many years. Introducing products that are trending and new to the market will create excitement within your counters and constant interest by consumers  

  • Sustainable, Local and Artisan products drives our passion for the category


 With experience across the Western Canadian Provinces the Artisan West team has a solid understanding of your demographic and the ability to create the right programs for your business. Our team will assist in facilitating multiple location programs geared towards each desired demographic.

  • understanding your consumer will assists in creating the right assortment for your store


With our interest in specialty foods our team is naturally in search of new products through our local food community and partners across the country. With strong relationships Artisan West will assist in sourcing every product necessary for your business or desired by your team

  • Our focus is finding the most effective method in sourcing all your product needs


With consumers wanting to learn more about products being offered it is imperative for all employees to have a full understanding of the products they have available.

  • consumers of the specialty category are in search of an experience and product education, having knowledgeable staff creates the perfect atmosphere for learning


Artisan West Marketing is committed to our retail partners, offering continued support throughout implementation and execution of programs.

  • Artisan West is a constant resource for retailers focused on the specialty category